July 22, 2021
Google Calendar version 6.0

Google is Releasing its Latest Version of Calendar and it Contains a New Interface

Google Calendar version 6.0 is now making its way out to users, which includes a newly refreshed interface but no new features…

Search giant Google is in the process of applying its Material Design principles to all its’ products. Now, these are coming to Google Calendar, with the release of version 6.0. However, aside from the different theme, there’s really nothing new about it.

Google Calendar Version 6.0 Rolls Out with New Material Design Elements

For those unfamiliar, Material Design is the name Google applies to how its products should look. It’s present in Gmail, Chrome, and tests have also been run for Google Maps, as well as Google Opinion Rewards

Basically, this means a whole lot of white space and a focus on the end-user. Larger buttons and less clutter are part of the elements which go into the remakes. For instance, with Google Maps version 6.0, the grey tones are no longer present. The floating action button or red plus-sign, is more conspicuous. Plus, the font and icons also sport the new material look.

What’s most obvious by its absence is the lack of any new functionality. There are no new options for the calendar but it does have a more organized look to it. It’s slowly making its way out, via the Google App Store.

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