April 30, 2021
Google amp url address change

Google will Replace its AMP URLs with the Original Published Web Addresses

Google has announced it will reconfigure AMP pages to read with the original web page URL, instead of its own landing addresses…

First introduced in October 2015, the AMP or accelerated mobile pages project by Google, delivers web content much faster than traditional technology. It renders pages at a substantially quicker pace. But, often does so with one minor issue.

Google Changes AMP Page URL Web Addresses

At the recent 2019 ‘AMP Conf’ in Tokyo, Google announced it would no longer insert its moniker into such pages. Instead, it will display the original web addresses for content. Here’s a screenshot:

Credit: Google

Google explains on its Webmasters blog how the change works:

“A signed exchange is a file format, defined in the web packaging specification, that allows the browser to trust a document as if it belongs to your origin. This allows you to use first-party cookies and storage to customize content and simplify analytics integration. Your page appears under your URL instead of the google.com/amp URL.”

Okay, it’s a bit tedious to work through the nomenclature. But, what this means is, Google will now display the original web addresses, without the “AMP” string.

This does not actually change how AMP works, it merely removes the AMP stamp from the page address.

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