September 16, 2022
Google changes Hangouts name to Google Meet

Google Renames Hangouts, Now Called Google Meet

Google takes another step away from Hangouts, recently renaming it Google Meet in a quite fashion as the rebranding continues…

For some time now, Google has incrementally made moves to rid itself of the Hangouts name. Though the service will remain, the name is something the tech giant just doesn’t seem to exactly be fond of in the least. 

Google Changes Hangouts Name to Google Meet

Just the other day, the folks over at Android Police noticed a subtle but important change. The badge no longer contained the Hangouts name. Instead, Hangouts Meet is now confirmed to be Google Meet. The company also states the old name will soon be retired.

Why Google has decided to change the name to Google Meet now isn’t exactly clear. Although, speculation would probably point to the fact that Hangouts does not have the best reputation. It’s long been confusing in its functionalities, including its weird integration with Allo, a service that’s been defunct for some time now.

Another obvious reason for the change is one of public perception. The old name suggests it’s a place for tweens and teens to connect and does not have a professional appeal. Regardless, this is an opportune time, given all the trouble that rival Zoom has recently had, including privacy issues and Zoombombing.

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