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Google Chrome 3D Graphics Support, Background Tab Throttling Rolls Out

Chrome 3D graphics support

Google Chrome 3D graphics support comes to desktop version 56 and later for the WebGL 2.0 standard, with Android support to follow for better UX…

WebGL 2.0’s advanced visuals are now supported by Google Chrome, versions 56 and up, to improve speed, visual effects, and new texture types. Chrome 3D graphics support is now on par with OpenGL ES 3, a spec seen in newer mobile games. The same support for Android isn’t yet available but is coming soon.

Google Chrome 3D Graphics Support Now Available on Desktop, Coming Soon to Android

The move comes as Google Chrome continues to dominate web browser market share, particularly as more users abandon Microsoft products. The company is also making moves to improve its mobile browser for Android and iOS devices.

Competitors Firefox and Opera already have WebGL 2.0 support, which puts pressure on Google to step up its user experience. Firefox has just an 11.68 percent market share, while Opera shares a small percentage with others, such as AOL and Ask. Chrome leads browser market share with 58.53 percent.

Google Chrome Throttling Background Tabs to Improve Battery Life

Last year, rival Microsoft started a battery life war with the search giant. The first marked improvement for battery life began with Chrome 53. With the upcoming release of Android Chrome 57, the mobile and desktop browsers will throttle background tabs. 

Background tabs using excessive power will throttle back to an average CPU load of just 1 percent. The company states this improvement will lead improved battery performance. Google promises to “continue to take steps in this direction to prolong users’ battery life” with subsequent releases.

The company claims background tabs, “consume a third of Chrome’s power usage on desktop.”

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