November 28, 2021
Google Chrome 57

Google Chrome 57 Stable Desktop Version Rolls Out

Google Chrome 57 is now out and ready to update in its stable desktop version for Windows, Linux, and Mac, packed with a few new tweaks, seen and unseen…

Google just released Chrome 57 desktop in stable for Windows, Linux, and Mac machines. However, Android and Chrome OS users must wait a bit longer. Also, the update is likewise available in beta for all other comparable platforms.

Google Chrome 57 Stable Desktop Version Now Available

Although Google Chrome 57 is out in stable desktop, its Android and Chrome OS version will support for Android apps on Chrome Kiosk devices. Every other platform received updates and tweaks, along with several security patches.

Chrome 57 brings a plethora of new tweaks, both seen and unseen to end-users. One such example is a user notification when a page attempts to redirect to a data URL linked to a remote server. The latest version of the browser also fixes a bug associated with Wikipedia page load. Additionally, network crashes are now stored in a more detailed log.

Along with performance improvements, Google Chrome 57 introduces a swath of new security fixes.  These include a memory corruption fix, a cookie fix, and fixes for bugs which previously allowed out-of-control routines runs. Google Chrome dominates browser market share with 58.53 percent. And, Android Chrome 57 introduces progressive web apps as part of its release.

Google Chrome 57 stable desktop is rolling out over the next few weeks to all Windows, Linux, and Mac machines.

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