August 7, 2022
Chrome 59 animated PNGs support

Google Chrome 59 Animated PNGs Support Confirmed

Chrome 59 animated PNGs support is part of the future iteration of the most popular internet browser, according to a confirmation in a Chromium discussion…

The next stable release of the Chrome browser will include animated PNGs support, according to an inside source. While there are already extensions in the Chrome Web Store which support animated PNG files, the browser itself is not equipped to handle these images.

Chrome 59 Animated PNGs Support Confirmed by Googler

In a recent bug report ticket on the Chromium website, one participant directly asked if Google Chrome 59, currently in the Dev Channel, will include animated PNG support. Here’s the relevant question and answer, quoted directly: 

Comment 95 by dukevinj…, Yesterday (40 hours ago)
Does this mean that Chrome will now have full apng support without extensions?
Comment 96 by elawre…, Yesterday (40 hours ago)
Yes, Chrome 59 animates animated PNGs without requiring any sort of browser extensions.

Animated PNGs, also known as APNGs, are similar to GIFs but differ because these files support both 24-bit images, as well as 8-bit transparency. Although the file format is relatively new, FireFox does currently support it. Requests for animated PNGs go back nearly ten years, to 2008. Apple adopted the support in iOS 10 iMessage apps.

Just about a week ago, plans to include a built-in Google Chrome ad-blocker tool surfaced. The browser also recently rolled out a patch for a phishing attack flaw.

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