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The Next Google Chrome Version will Finally Block Autoplay Videos with Sound

Google Chrome 66 autoplay video blocker

The much-anticipated Google Chrome 66 autoplay video blocker will finally work to make the web browsing experience a little better…

Google Chrome 64 was suppose to include an autoplay video blocker. But instead, the company delivered a version with a sitewide mute option. The feature was then scheduled for version 65. Still, it didn’t make the final release. Now, it’s part of version 66. The next iteration will include some welcome changes regarding autoplay videos.

Google Chrome 66 Autoplay Video Blocker going Live

With Chrome 66, videos without sound enabled will only play. (This of course, doesn’t mean all video autoplay is blocked, just those with sound on by default.) However, if users click and interact with the site or have previously “shown an interest in media on the site,” even sound enabled videos will play.

The fix for that scenario (in the case of some accidental interaction) is to permanently mute the site. Simply slide the mouse up to the offending site’s tab in the Google Chrome browser. Then, right click and scroll to “Mute site” and select.

Google’s incremental steps toward making web browsing a more enjoyable experience are falling into place. For instance, the search engine activated its built-in ad blocker on February 15th. The company will also release a malicious redirect blocker in April.

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