January 13, 2021
Google Chrome 69 password management

The Latest Version of Google Chrome helps Prevent People from Using the Same Passwords Everywhere

The new Google Chrome 69 password management system automatically generates random credentials to better protect users from themselves…

In celebration of its 10 year anniversary, Google launched its latest version of the Chrome browser. Version 69 sports a whole new look, and it’s already available on desktop for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Android version is also rolling out. Both introduce various features and improvements. But, there’s one thing in-particular which concerns user security — passwords.

Google Chrome 69 Password Management Generates Random Credentials

One of the most careless, common practices people have when it comes to the web is to reuses the same password(s) over and over again. Of course, this presents a real risk, making it much easier for hackers to wreak havoc. 

Internet security experts strongly recommend avoiding this habit and creating unique passwords for each different site. However, even though practically everyone has heard this advice a number of times, they still ignore it. It’s simply more convenient to recycle them same ones.

So, Google is here to help out. The tech company states it wants to help its users get things done faster and more securely. To that end, it already saves things like addresses, credit and debit card numbers, and more in users’ Google accounts. It also saves passwords. With the latest edition of Chrome, the browser will now automatically generate random passwords when users sign up at new websites:


Google is doing this to help users out. Or, in the company’s words, “so you’re not using your puppy’s name for all of your passwords anymore.” Although, it doesn’t actually prevent people from reusing passwords. The browser simply warns against it, though users can just ignore the messages.

Google stores the automatically generated passwords on users’ PCs and mobile devices. So, there’s no need to remember or take notes of each one.

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