June 23, 2022
Google Chrome 71 billing warning feature

Google Chrome will Warn People when a Site Tries to Add Charges to their Phone Bill

A new Google Chrome 71 billing warning will help people avoid sneaky and unnecessary charges as part of the browser’s update….

With the upcoming arrival of the Google Chrome browser version 71, users will have yet another helpful tool in their belts. Starting in December, when the next iteration goes live, Chrome will warn people about sites attempting to trick them into signing up for unwanted services.

Google Chrome 71 Billing Warning Tool arrives in December

More particularly, the tool will target sites which use mobile billing. (This is due to the fact it’s easy for an unscrupulous sites to place additional charges on monthly bills simply by collecting phone numbers.)

Google says millions of Chrome users have encountered such pages that don’t provide enough clear information on their shady subscription services.

But, Google won’t sound an alert on all sites. Instead, the search engine states it will give sites with clear disclaimers about any possible charges a pass. Which means, sites will have to make any charges obvious. That includes not hiding grey text on a white background or obscuring the true costs with confusing fee structures.

If sites aren’t compliant, Google will display the following warning to Chrome users:

Google Chrome 71 billing warning
Credit: Google

The next version of Google Chrome will also block ads on deceptive websites.

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