September 30, 2022
Google Chrome 71

Google Releases Chrome Version 71 for the Web, Complete with Abusive Ad-Blocking and Deceptive Billing Practices Warnings

Google Chrome 71 is now available for desktop for Windows, Mac, and Linux, bringing with it abusive ad-blocking and deceptive billing warnings…

Search giant Google has just announced in an update its release of the latest version of its Chrome browser. It comes equipped with some great tools, too. These include abusive ad-blocking, as well as user warnings regarding deceptive billing practices.

Google Chrome 71 Rolls Out to Windows, Mac, and Linux

Practically everyone has encountered those fake system error messages. Or, been inundated with shady pop-ups and/or annoying redirects. 

Although it’s not a magic bullet, this will deliver better experiences, at least in some instances. After all, sites which employ such tactics heavily rely on them (or almost exclusively). Meaning, sites targeted by the tool are deemed low-quality.

Chrome 71 will also target sites which use mobile billing. (This is due to the fact it’s easy for an unscrupulous sites to place additional charges on monthly bills simply by collecting phone numbers.)

Google says millions of Chrome users have encountered such pages that don’t provide enough clear information on their shady subscription services.

Additionally, Chrome version 71 will also mute sites which play sound automatically. That’s a welcome change as this is most assuredly one of the worse experiences on the web.

Chrome 71 is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Android and Chrome OS versions will roll out over the coming weeks.

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