November 4, 2022
Google Chrome 76 Incognito Mode

The Latest Version of Chrome Stops Sites from Checking if People are Browsing in Private Mode

The newest release of the popular Google Chrome browser makes its Incognito Mode truly private, so websites can’t block visitors…

Not that long ago, Google promised to make its Chrome browser Incognito Mode work, even on sites which disallow private browsing. Now, the functionality is here with Chrome version 76.

Google Chrome 76 Incognito Mode Prevents Websites from Detecting Private Browsing

The tech giant is starting to roll out Google Chrome 76 to Windows, Linux, and Mac. And, it closes a loophole, previous exploited by websites which detect and deny private browsing.

Prior to the update, some websites looked for a piece of key framework, which alerted them to private browsing.

The purpose from the site’s perspective is to force users to sign-in. Also, users could dodge soft paywalls. (A protection which offers each visitor a limited, predetermined number of articles each month.) Of course, sites employing this technology won’t be happy about the workaround.

Now, Chrome users won’t have to heed the warning to sign-in or switch over to standard browsing.

Google Chrome 76 is now going out across the globe and will become available over the next few day and coming weeks.

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