September 16, 2022
Google Chrome 80 to block website push notifications

Google’s Chrome Browser will Also Automatically Block Website Push Notifications, Starting with the Next Version

The upcoming release of the Google Chrome browser will automatically block website push notifications, introducing a new “Quiet UI”…

Mozilla recently announced it will replace those disruptive website notifications with subtle address bar speech bubbles when it ships its next version of the Firefox browser, build 72. Turns out, Google is doing something similar, instituting automatic website push notification blocks, when it releases Chrome version 80.

Google Chrome 80 to Block Website Push Notifications

Google has revealed it will automatically block website push notification when it releases its next version of Chrome on February 4th.

The search engine states it will automatically block page notifications when one of two scenarios occur. One instance is for users who routinely block web notifications. The other is for sites with a track record of low opt-in rates.

Google also says it will penalize sites that abuse push notifications, although it has yet to provide details as to what actions it will take.

The upcoming changes are part of an introduction of what the tech giant calls “Quiet UI,” an experience that will subtly alert users that notifications have been blocked and give them the opportunity to enable them.

Google, Mozilla, and other browser providers have steadily been working to deliver a more user-friendly interface over the past few years. They are working toward delivering a web environment that is more pleasing to end-users and largely free of unnecessary interruptions.

Google has already banned intrusive interstitials, or pop-ups and overlays that either obscure or block out the main content of a page.

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