November 25, 2020
Google Chrome 86 Update to Save more Battery Life

Google’s Next Chrome Update may Add Up to Two Hours of Laptop Battery Life

Google Chrome 86 will bring a new update that will help to make laptop battery life longer, by as much as two hours, even with dozens of open tabs…

The Chrome browser is a notorious resource hog. So much, it’s (rightfully) gained a reputation as a battery drainer. Although Google has made some marked improvements to its web portal, there’s still more left to do. But, if a recent report by¬†TheWindowsClub is accurate, Chrome 86 will fix a couple of issues that cause such battery demand.

Google Chrome 86 Update to Save more Battery Life

The upcoming Chrome 86 version will reduces its energy needs by shutting down unnecessary JavaScript timers. Plus, it will do the same with trackers. This, when tabs are open in the background. (These often check users’ scrolling positions, among other behaviors.) And, these changes should result in some noticeable improvements on battery life.

Google ran a test with thirty-six background tabs — along with one blank foreground tab — simulating extreme circumstances. That resulted in as much as two hours worth of savings. But, when playing a YouTube video, the more intensive experiment added just over thirty minutes of improved battery life.

Currently, the tool is only available as a flag in the early Chrome 86 build, so it will take some time before it’s ready for wide, stable release. Hopefully, the tests will go well enough to get it out to the public in the not too distant future.

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