May 22, 2022
Google Chrome 90 will make HTTPS the Default Version

Google Chrome 90 will Introduce this Small but Very Important Change

Google is set to start its transition from showing HTTP to HTTPS with Chrome version 90, moving toward a more secure web experience…

Google will release a new version of its Chrome web browser. With build 90, Chrome will automatically load all incomplete URLs via the more secure HTTPS protocol. Right now, any current iterations load domains via HTTP, the unsecure version, whenever an incomplete URL is typed into the Chrome Omnibox (which is Google’s name for the URL address bar).

Google Chrome 90 will make HTTPS the Default Version

Google Chrome presently takes searchers to the old HTTP standard. For instance, typing “” will automatically load the full, without having to input the complete web address. But, once the change takes place with the roll out of Chrome 90, all unfinished URL queries will go to However, there’s a catch — the website must already support HTTPS. 

This change isn’t by any means a new direction for the search giant. Google has long been a staunch supporter of the secure HTTPS protocol and has already made a number of moves to coax websites into switching to the security standard. This is merely a continuation of that policy, with Chrome 90 set to hit the internet on Tuesday, April 13th, 2021.

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