May 20, 2022

Google just Fixed the Problem that Broke Web Games but It’s only Temporary

The new Google Chrome autoplay video block, which arrived in version 66, inadvertently broke many HTML5 web games, so the browser issued a temporary roll back…

Google released Chrome 66, a browser which boasts an autoplay video blocker back in April. But, it accidentally broke a number of HTML5-based web games because of the feature. Now, Google is partially rolling back the tool. However, this fix won’t last long because the search giant will reinstitute the autoplay video block in October when version 70 rolls out.

Google Chrome Autoplay Video Block Feature Roll Back Temporary

The roll back is intended to give developers time to make changes with their online games. But, the fix isn’t necessarily sitting well with developers, as the Chromium thread clearly displays. Google “didn’t do a good job of communicating the impact of the new autoplay policy to developers using the Web Audio API,” says Product Manager John Pallett.

It’s problematic since not all developers know which interfaces have been affected. Also, many do not have the original code to use to make necessary changes as a workaround for the Chrome autoplay video block code.

Google recently announced that Chrome will learn users’ preferences when it comes to autoplay