June 23, 2022
Google Chrome secure label

Chrome will Soon Drop Its Secure Label from HTTPS Sites

The Google Chrome secure label will no longer appear for encrypted HTTPS websites, starting in September with version 69…

Google has announced it’s going to change the way it deals with secure websites in its Chrome browser, beginning in September with version 69. At that time, the Chrome web browser will cease marking encrypted sites with the “Secure” label, which currently appears to the left in the address bar.

Google Chrome Browser Dropping Secure Label for Encrypted Sites

Google has long pushed webmasters to adopt HTTPS or encryption, stating it’s an inevitable trend to better browsing experiences. In fact, Google started issuing a “Not Secure” warning back in January 2017. 

google chrome browser secure label screenshot
Credit: Google

Then, in July of this year, when version 68 rolls out, Chrome will mark all unencrypted sites or regular HTTP sites as “not secure.”

Next up, in October, Chrome version 70 will begin displaying a red “not secure” label when visitors attempt to enter data on HTTP pages. This is a decided change from its earlier position, when Google explained, “HTTP usage was too high to mark all HTTP pages with a strong red warning.”

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