May 24, 2022
Google Chrome Browser Explore search suggestions

Google is Testing ‘Explore,’ Themed Search Suggestions Based on Browsing History

Google is testing a Chrome browser Explore search suggestions tool which populates related queries based on previous search history…

Google is running yet another test. This time, it’s showing up in the Chrome browser. It’s a feature labeled “Explore” which surfaces search suggestions based on previous queries.

Google Chrome Browser ‘Explore’ Search Suggestions Test Spotted

The test currently only appears on the Chrome start screen but not on the main homepage at this time.  Google tells Search Engine Land“…these suggestions in Chrome are inspired by past searches and help people continue exploring tasks and activities they’re engaged in more easily on Search.” 

Here’s a screenshot:

Chrome browser Explore search suggestions
Credit: Search Engine Land

Here’s another screenshot of the feature:

Chrome browser Explore search suggestions
Credit: Search Engine Land

Users can decide to turn off the tool, if desired. “You can dismiss suggestions completely or for a particular task using the menu on the right hand side, or by clearing search history,” Google explains.

There’s no word if this will become a permanent addition or roll out more widely to other Google search platforms. The search engine recently started testing a “More results” button on mobile. And, it’s also currently testing a mobile-style UI design in image search.

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