November 25, 2021
Google Chrome browser extension security flaws

New Research Reveals 85 Percent of Google Chrome Extensions Don’t have Privacy Policies

Turns out, Chrome browser extensions carry fairly high risks in a number of areas when it comes to privacy and security…

Chrome extensions help make life a little easier. These third-party software programs perform a number of tasks. And, there are thousands upon thousands available. But not all perform well. What’s more, a large percentage lack key functions.

Google Chrome Browser Extension Security Flaws

New data from Duo Security reveals of the approximate 1800,000 extension, a full 85 percent don’t even contain a privacy policy. Which means those developers can do what they want with any user’s data.

Duo Security analyzed 120,000 apps and extensions listed in the Chrome Web Store. The company found 35 percent of these software packets are able to read data on any site their users visit.

That’s not all. Almost 32 percent use third-party libraries which contain known vulnerabilities. Furthermore, 77 percent do not have a support site.

Perhaps even more unsettling is the fact the vast majority of users don’t bother reading terms of use or permissions. All of this, not to mention the fact hackers can and have exploited weaknesses. For instance, just this past October, Chrome extension developers became the target of a mass phishing attack.

Although Google has taken measures to improve security, it’s still worthwhile to only use extensions offered by reputable developers.

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