June 18, 2021

Google Chrome will Soon Block Annoying Website Redirects

A new Google Chrome browser website redirect block will debut in versions 64 and 65 to further improve UX or user experience…

The Google Chrome team is at it again. In its quest to improve UX or user experience, the Chromium gang is introducing a website redirect block. Starting with versions 64 and 65, people can expect a more pleasant web experience.

New Google Chrome Browser Website Redirect Block Set for Release in Early 2018

This is yet another improvement. It follows an autoplay video blocker, a permanent website mute option, and a built-in ad blocker. Over the next few months, users will enjoy the feature. It’s triggered when a website loads a new page due to a bad ad or to intentionally force visitors to see one.

Credit: Google

The improvement will take place in three phases. First, it will block ads from redirects. Next it will block reverse pop ups. Third, the website redirect block will kick in when visitors click on invisible overlays or ads disguised as buttons.

Additionally, Google is releasing a new tool called the Abusive Experiences Report. This gives developers the ability to see if sites are compliant.

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