October 1, 2022
Google Chrome cookie tracking blocker

Google will Soon Let Chrome Users Block Website Tracking Cookies, Unless those Sites are Google’s, Of Course

A new Google Chrome cookie tracking blocker will show up in a future version, to prevent sites — other than Google’s — from following users around…

Most browsers set themselves apart from Chrome by offering more user privacy tools. These range from cookie blockers to more stringent tracking prevention features.

Now, are report from The Wall Street Journal claims Google might just build-in its own tracking blocker. Of course, this would only work with third-party websites and not function on Google’s own sites.

Google Chrome Cookie Tracking Blocker Under Development

The report states Google plans to roll out a new Chrome dashboard with tracking blocker controls. It will prevent websites from collecting user data through scripts and cookies.

Since those functions won’t impact Google’s own tracking tools, it could open the company up to anti-trust legal action.

At this time, there’s no word on when the option will debut. But, insiders familiar with the matter say the tools have already been debated for the past six years.

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