July 3, 2022
Google Chrome cross-devices web page sharing

Google just Made it Easier to Send Web Pages from One Device to Another

Google has started to roll out an option to make it easier to share web pages between different devices with Chrome version 77…

Google is now releasing version 77 of its Chrome web browser across all platforms. And, it contains a nice feature. It’s now possible to share web pages from one device to another quickly.

Google Chrome Cross-Devices Page Sharing Option begins Rolling Out

The new Google Chrome cross-device page sharing option comes in handy in a variety of situations. For instance, if someone is reading a page on his or her laptop and needs to send it to their phone. Simply right-click on the tab and then select a device.

It’s already been possible to perform a similar action through the History section. But, that required extra steps.

With the new Google Chrome cross-device page sharing tool, it’s a cinch to send content from desktop to mobile or vice-versa. (On mobile, tap the three-dot menu, select “more,” and choose “Share.” Select the “Send to your devices.”)

The feature is now rolling out and is already live for iOS and Windows.

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