December 6, 2021
Google Chrome extension activity tracking

The Google Chrome Browser might Soon Give its Users a Heads-Up if Extensions Behave Badly

A newly released Google Chrome extension activity tracking option is now out for use in the latest Canary build, which could help identify bad extensions…

Chrome extensions help make life a little easier. These third-party software programs perform a number of tasks. And, there are thousands upon thousands available. But not all perform well. What’s more, a large percentage lack key functions.

Duo Security recently analyzed 120,000 apps and extensions, discovering nearly 32 percent use third-party libraries which contain known vulnerabilities. Furthermore, 77 percent do not have a support site.

Needless to say, this scenarios present possible dangers. But, a new code submission for the Chrome browser might help to curtail those risks. 

Google Chrome Extension Activity Tracking Canary Flag Now Available

If fully implemented, the activity monitor would help users spot extensions which behave badly. It’s available now within the latest Chrome Canary iteration through an experimental flag. (Just enable the extension activity logging flag and then go to go to chrome://extensions.) 

The downside is this won’t work for a majority because it requires specialized technical knowledge. However, it’s a first step in the right direction. It allows Chrome users to free extensions that misbehave. Of course, there’s no guarantee it will even make its way out to wide, stable release.

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