September 16, 2022
Google Chrome Flash player deprecation warning

This July, Chrome will Begin Warning Users about the End of Flash Player’s Support

An upcoming Google Chrome Flash player deprecation warning will start to appear this July, ahead of the browser dropping support…

Just about two years ago, Adobe formally announced it would end development of its Flash Player and end support by the end of 2020. Google responded by stating it would phase out support for the technology out of Chrome.

“…Adobe announced their plans to end support for Flash in late 2020. For Flash developers this will mean transitioning to HTML, as Chrome will increasingly require explicit permission from users to run Flash content until support is removed completely at the end of 2020.”

Currently, Chrome automatically disables Flash content on the web by default. And, it gives user the option to manually enable permission to run it. (Permission which must be granted with every session.)

Google Chrome Flash Player Deprecation Warning

Beginning with Chrome version 76, which will likely arrive in July, Flash Player support won’t be available. To view Flash content, users will need to re-enable it the settings menu inside Chrome.

Also, Google will start showing a warning bar, reminding users of the upcoming 2020 end. A mock-up of the alert currently reads “Flash Player will no longer be supported after December 2020.”

All of this won’t likely impact the average user. But, it’s a good reminder to developers who have previously relied on Flash.

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