September 17, 2022
Google Chrome Getting Microsoft Edge Browser Tab Management Tool

Microsoft is About to Add a Super Nifty Feature from the Edge Browser to Chrome

The Microsoft Edge browser supports a incredibly useful tab management tool that software engineers are bringing over to Chrome…

The Microsoft Edge browser might not be the most widely used by consumers, but it sports a few useful options that are absent from its competitors. One such example is a relatively little known tab management tool. It allows users to easily group and pull over multiple tabs at once into a new window.

Google Chrome Getting Microsoft Edge Browser Tab Management Tool

The the wildly popular Google Chrome browser is about to get a new feature that comes courtesy of Microsoft. The the multiple tab management tool is already built into Edge, where it allows users to simultaneously select numerous tabs at once to drag them into a new window.

To use it, simply left-click the tabs, select “Move to another window” from the tab’s context menu. Then, just select the desired browser window and send over the tabs.

Chrome does have a similar function. It works by selecting the first tab, then holding down the Ctrl key. Next, users must click on additional tabs, then release the Ctrl key. Thereafter, it’s possible to drag the previously selected tabs to a new window or outside an existing window to create a new one.

Microsoft Edge move to a new window tab management option

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