July 3, 2022
Google Chrome global media controls

Google Adds Global Media Controls to its Chrome Browser, Easily and Persistently Accessible Near the Address Bar

Google previously experimented with media controls for its Chrome browser last year and now it’s brought the tool to wide release…

Google has brought a small but very useful feature to its popular Chrome browser — global media controls. It’s a small widget that resides just to the right of the address bar, accessible regardless of what tab(s) are open.

Google Chrome Global Media Controls Debut

Google started working on Chrome media controls last year. It later brought the option to Chromebooks and now, it’s available on desktop across all platforms.

What’s interesting about the new Chrome global media controls is that the UI changes depending on the media playing. For instance, YouTube and YouTube Music sport more extensive controls. But, other sites have fewer controls.

To give it a try, simply play media in any open tab and then look for a widget to the right of the address bar. Not everyone is seeing it yet, but it is rolling out at this time.

new Google Chrome persistent global media controls
Credit: TechCrunch

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