September 22, 2021
Google Chrome Heavy Page Capping

Google Experimenting with “Heavy Page Capping”

A new and experimental Google Chrome Heavy Page Capping now resides in the Canary channel, to alert users to data and bandwidth usage…

Google continues to tinker with its popular web browser, Chrome. It’s always adding new features to help improve UX or user experience. Now, the company is adding something interesting to the Canary build. Spotted first by Chrome Story, a new flag labeled “Heavy Page Capping,” appears.

Google Chrome Heavy Page Capping Tool Spotted

It’s an optional alert which notifies users when pages are hogging bandwidth on desktop or data usage on mobile. The message appears in the info bar, providing users with a quick action access to pause page load. Here’s a little bit about it:


Enable showing an InfoBar on data heavy pages that allows the user to pause sub-resource request loading on the page. Using the ‘Low’ option will reduce the triggering threshold 1MB.”

It’s disabled by default but there are ways to turn it on. And, there are two options: Standard and Low. The first sends an alert when data or bandwidth usage is high. he second triggers when more than 1 MB is used. This will definitely appear when users visit video hosting sites and other demanding experiences.

Curiously, it’s supported on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome. (One wonders just how useful such a tool is for desktop.) And, it is also supported on Android, along with iOS. It’s obviously more suitable for mobile. But, it’s in early development, so it might or might not make its way to wide, stable release.