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Google is Now Testing Out Hidden URLs in the Omnibox

Google Chrome hidden URL

A new Google Chrome hidden URL test is available to try out in the Canary channel, simply by enabling a flag to see it in-action…

Google runs a lot of tests. In fact, it’s quite difficult to keep up with all its experiments. Now, the Chromium team, behind the Chrome browser, is trying out a new way to display results in the Omnibox.

Google Chrome Hidden URL Experiment Underway

For most users, URLs are just a string of jumbled characters. And, even if they read well, they’re still something people largely ignore. So, team Chrome is exploring a way to hide those digital eyesores, by simply showing a search term in the Omnibox instead displaying long web addresses:

Credit: François Beaufort

Chrome Evangelist François Beaufort first shared the news on his Google+ page, writing:

“The Chromium team is experimenting as we speak with showing only search terms in the Omnibox when user inputs a search query instead of the full search URL. You can give it a try today by enabling the _chrome://flags/#enable-query-in-omnibox_flag in Chrome Canary to see if you like it.”

Although it does neaten up the page, it’s a little distracting to see the search term appear in three places at once — on the browser tab, in the address bar, and in the Omnibox.

As with all Google experiments, the team might push this to stable release or simply abandon it.

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