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Google Chrome HTTP Page Not Secure Warning to Start January 2017

Google Chrome HTTP page not secure warning

Soon, users will see a Google Chrome HTTP page not secure warning for some unencrypted sites, beginning in January 2017, with the version 56 browser…

Starting next month, a Google Chrome HTTP page not secure warning will appear on sites which include login or credit card fields. The “Not secure” message will apply to HTTP pages, or those unequipped with a secure, encrypted HTTPS internet protocol. Google began announcing months ago its security push will continue to grow and will soon include all login sites.

Google Chrome HTTP Page Not Secure Warning to Begin with Version 56 Browser Next Year

Back in September, a Google Chrome HTTPS security team enhancement disclosure appeared on the company’s official blog. In that post, Google Security stated its widening HTTPS encryption push would deploy to more pages in January 2017, starting with Chrome version 56.

Credit: Google

This marks the first steps toward a more secure internet experience for all website, regardless of content. In the upcoming iterations of Google Chrome, the browser will tag all HTTP pages “not secure” when in Incognito mode. Currently, there is no defined timeline when all websites must switch to encrypted, HTTPS pages.

Encrypted, HTTPS pages protect data integrity and confidentiality as it moves between end-user devices and websites. The secure internet protocol protects personal and other sensitive information, like usernames, passwords, and credit cards. The Transport Layer Security or TLS protocol, secures all these types of transmissions. It is known HTTPS pages provide a small SEO boost but converts do experience temporary ranking fluctuations.

Recently, a Google App recent tab and Lite mode went into testing. Additionally, on January 10th of next year, the company will introduce an intrusive interstitial penalty for sites using pop ups.

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