January 13, 2022
Squoosh image optimization tool

Google Introduces a New Browser-Based Image Optimization Tool called Squoosh

The newly released Squoosh image optimization tool gives web developers another way to help make their site pages load faster…

As the web has advanced over its existence, one persistent problem continues — site speed. Although connections have certain gotten much faster and strides have already been made with AMP or accelerated mobile pages and responsive design, load times still noticeably lag.

Google Chrome Labs Squoosh Image Optimization Tool Released

Google is out to fix this issue, putting yet another tool in the belt of web developers. It’s called Squoosh, and it’s a new browser-based image optimization feature.

Built by the Google Chrome Labs team, it seeks to speed up the load time by downsizing, compressing, and reformatting images.

The new Google Chrome Squoosh web app uses WebAssembly to optimize images through technology that’s not typically found in browsers. It supports MozJPEG, WebP, as well as PNG and more.

Once the web app is initially loaded for the first time, it works offline, performing all of its functions right within the browser.

The new¬†Google Chrome Squoosh web app first debuted at the Chrome Dev Summit. It works impressively, even delivering a smooth UI experience even when it’s working on a big or difficult file.

Watch a short demonstration video of Squoosh in-action:

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