May 19, 2022
Google Chrome market share

Google Chrome Market Share Gaining from Microsoft Browser Abandonment

Legacy internet browsers are losing to increasing Google Chrome market share, a new report finds, leaving Microsoft browsers with fewer and fewer users…

Google Chrome market share continues to enlarge, capturing more former Microsoft browser users. Other internet browsers are likewise taking a hit as searchers migrate to the well-known Google digital product.

Google Chrome Market Share Rising as Microsoft Browser Desertion Grows

Internet browsers accompanying the Windows operating system have experienced a 35 percent decline. Now, only 27 percent of all Windows users browse through Microsoft products. Apple too, experienced a shrink, falling to a 3.45 percent market share, according to analytics firm Net Applications.

From January through February, Google Chrome market share increased from 57.94 percent to 58.53 percent. Internet Explorer fell from 19.71 percent to 19.17 percent, while Edge rose slightly from 5.48 to 5.55 percent. Firefox also declined, falling from 11.77 percent to 11.68 percent. All other internet browsers combined account for a 1.62 percent market share.

Last year, Microsoft retired IE versions 9 and 10, forcing users to upgrade to IE11. That move probably contributed to its drop-off, Network World concludes. One reason from Chrome’s popularity is it’s readily available across devices, with seamless syncing. Also, Mac and iOS users routinely switch between Safari and Chrome and Chrome’s presence on iOS and Android help to bolster its dominance.

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