December 7, 2021
Google Chrome Material Design UI refresh

The Big Google Chrome Makeover is Almost Here

The long-awaited and biggest Google Chrome Material Design UI revamp is nearly here, with some huge changes to the browser…

The Chrome browser hasn’t changed a whole lot in some time. While Google has certainly rolled out tweaks here and there, things have largely remained the same for quite awhile. But, earlier this year, the search engine began hinting it’s working on an overhaul. Now, there’s a better look into what the future web portal looks like. Today, Google released an update to the Canary channel for Windows, Linux, and of course, Chrome OS. With it, the new Material Design pops up by default.

Google Chrome Material Design UI Refresh Rolls Out to Windows, Linux, Chrome OS

The new Google Chrome Material Design UI is decidedly different from the old interface. It sports a revamped address bar, along with new tab shapes and colors. Additionally, the new Chrome Material Design UI contains omnibox suggestion icons, tab strip coloring, in conjunction with pinned tabs and alert indicators.

In fact, things are so different, Chromium Evangelist Francois Beaufort says, “Plenty of things have been updated for the better in my opinion.” Here’s a screenshot of the new configuration:

Google Chrome Material Design UI
Credit: Engadget

There are plenty of differences between the current interface and the new platform. So, it will probably take users some time to get acquainted with it. The latest stable Chrome OS, version 67, boasts improved PWAs, material design elements, and more. 

The new Google Chrome Material Design UI remains in Canary. So, users who enable it might encounter bugs as it’s still under active development.

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