May 20, 2022
Google Chrome media control

Google is Now Experimenting with a Media Control Button for its Chrome Browser

A Google Chrome media control button might come to the world’s most popular browser, as a test version currently allows users to try it out…

Google just might go ahead and add a playback controller to its Chrome browser. At least, it certainly looks that way, given it’s open for testing in Canary.

Google Chrome Media Control Button Test goes Live

It’s nothing fancy. But, could prove very useful in real life applications. It’s available now by enabling a flag. And, when live, it displays a small playback icon immediately to the right of the URL field in the browser.

Hovering over the option triggers a pop-up, which shows the web address and provides other details. It even works to show what’s playing in a different tab.

To try the new Google Chrome media control button, simply download the Canary browser version. Then, open the experiments page, found at chrome://flags/. Search for “Global Media Controls,” and enable the tool. Then, relaunch the browser for the changes to take effect.

It currently works with YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, and Apple’s podcast pages. Of course, since this is merely a test run, there’s no guarantee the option will make its way out to wide, stable release.

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