January 26, 2022
Google Chrome mobile article suggestions

Google’s Mobile Chrome Browser’s Article Recommendations Now the 4th Biggest Referer

The increasingly popular Google Chrome mobile article suggestions feature is now the fourth greatest website traffic referrer…

Folks opening pages from Google’s mobile Chrome browser through the article suggestion feature are growing in size. In fact, this is the fourth largest traffic referral tool, behind Google Search, Facebook, and Twitter, a new report from Chartbeat reveals.

Google Chrome Mobile Article Suggestions 4th Largest Referral Source

For those unfamiliar (or just unsure about what this is), it’s the page which displays when a opening a new tab through the Google Chrome app. It’s also known as “Articles for You,” “Chrome Content Suggestions,” and simply, “Chrome Suggestions.” It somewhat mimics the Google app feed, displaying content that’s relevant and/or interesting to users.

And, it’s gaining in the way of user action. Traffic referred from the tool grew 2,100 percent last year, in 2017. Traffic skyrocketed from 14 million monthly visits to 341 million monthly visits. (And, that’s only counting Android devices.)

This rapid growth is likely due to the fact that more and more traffic comes from mobile devices rather than desktop. Here’s what Chartbeat says about the trend:

“Since January 2017, mobile web traffic to Chartbeat clients has grown over 20 percent, reflecting just how much more time users are spending on their mobile devices.”

Of course, contributing to this is the fact that Chrome is the world’s number one browser. Moreover, Chrome Suggestions displays automatically every time users open new tabs. So, the feature is unavoidable, making it all-too-conspicuous to ignore.

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