June 20, 2021
Google Chrome native ad-blocking

Google Chrome Native Ad-Blocking Debuts February 15th

It’s now known that Google Chrome native ad-blocking will begin on Thursday, February 15th, 2018, a long-warned feature in the coming browser…

Back in April, rumors of a Google Chrome ad-blocker surfaced. That scuttlebutt was confirmed as fact in June. Now, it’s know precisely when the Chrome native ad-blocker will begin working. On Thursday, February 15th, Google will flip the switch, according to a news report by VentureBeat.

Google Chrome Native Ad-Blocking Starts February 15th

The coming Google Chrome native ad-blocking tool will go live to enforce standards established by the Coalition for Better Ads. (Google is a member of this organization.)

It’s important to note, the feature won’t block every ad on all websites. Instead, it will target advertisements deemed overly annoying to users or intrusive. However, it will block all ads on a page, even if just one violates the standards. This, regardless, if the other accompanying ads technically comply.

For several months, Google has worked with various publishers to ensure they are in compliance with the adopted standards. This, to give publishers ample warning and time to make adjustments.

The move comes as more web users adopt ad-blocking technology. And, a full 89 percent of all Google’s revenue earnings come from ads. The purpose of introducing a new Google Chrome ad-blocker is to rein-in third-party controls, which the search engine has little to no control over. To assist publishers in preparing for the change,Google is providing a free, self-service tool named, “Ad Experience Reports.”

In similar fashion, Google Chrome 64 will contain a stronger pop-up blocker. Version 62 also supports sitewide audio muting, prevent malicious auto-redirects, along with Windows 10 HDR video support.

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