July 28, 2021
Google Chrome new tab page background

Chrome might Soon Let Users Integrate Google Photos into New Tab Backgrounds

A new Google Chrome new tab page background customization option might soon allow users to select images from Google Photos…

Chrome is an incredibly versatile browser. And, Google is always working on performs tweaks and other functional improvements. Now, it appears a new option might just make its way. Although, it’s currently only showing up in the Canary channel. 

Google Chrome New Tab Page Background Google Photos Integration Spotted

For the past few weeks, it’s been known Google Chrome will give users the power to customize new tab page backgrounds. Now, it appears it will work with Google Photos.

The feature was first spotted in May. At the time, it looked like Chrome would allow users to customize new tab backgrounds by selecting pictures from the Chromecast Backdrops library and Chrome OS wallpapers. Now, it’s extending to Google Photos, a new commit note strongly suggests, according to About Chromebooks:

“Allow users to select one of their photos from Google Photos and set it as the NTP background image. Currently only supports users who are already signed in to their Google account.”

It doesn’t appear there are any platform restrictions on the option. Meaning, it should work with Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as Chrome OS. But, as the commit note states, it will only work with users who are signed into Chrome. Of course, this might or might not make it to stable release. Currently, it’s only in Canary builds with enabled flags.