November 7, 2022
Chrome not secure warning

Google Chrome to Mark Every HTTP Site ‘Not Secure’ Beginning in July

A strong Chrome ‘Not Secure’ warning will hit all websites without encryption certificates starting this July in browser version 68…

The security team at Google posted an entry on their blog with an update about encryption. Starting this July, Google Chrome will mark every HTTP site, or unencrypted site, with ‘Not Secure.’ This is merely a continuation of a long-standing strategy to make the web more secure. 

Google Chrome Not Secure Warning to Tag All HTTP Sites in July

The browser first began displaying the Chrome ‘not secure’ warning some time ago. Then in September 2016, it marked all sites with logins as ‘Not Secure.’  From that time on, the search giant incrementally increased the number of sites. For instance, within the last year, the browser started marking a bigger subset of unencrypted pages as “not secure.” But, with Chrome version 68, that warning will appear on all HTTP pages.

Chrome not secure warning screenshot
Credit: Google

This push is making substantial progress toward a safer browsing experience for everyone. Presently, more than 68 percent of Android and Windows traffic is now protected. More than 78 percent of traffic on Chrome OS and Mac is also protected. Plus, 81 of the top 100 websites default to HTTPS, Emily Schechter, Chrome Security Product Manager, explains.

HTTPS or encryption is now easier than ever to adopt. Sites can use tools such as Let’s Encrypt or use the Google Lighthouse tool to migrate to HTTPS.

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