September 16, 2022
Google Chrome notification request blocking

Google Chrome may Soon Block those Super Annoying Notification Requests so Ubiquitous on the Web

Google is working with a new feature to block website notification requests, on the Android app for mobile, as well as the desktop OS…

The bane of notification requests from websites has become nearly unbearable. Everyone is familiar with this marketing trick — open a site and that triggers a notification block to pop-up, asking permission to send alerts when new content goes live.

But, the team over at XDA-Developers have uncovered a new flag that’s been added to  the Chrome browser labeled “Quieter notification permission prompts.”

Google Chrome Notification Request Blocking Feature Spotted

The new notification management option actually comes with three choices, each with various levels of control.

What’s even more interesting is it’s appearing in different ways on both Chrome for Android and Chrome for the web.

Better yet, it seems the desktop version takes control a bit further. If someone blocks notifications from the same site a couple to a few times, the tool will automatically trigger:

“Automatically blocked because you declined notifications a few times.”

This would make a welcome addition for most people, as notification requests have devolved into a mere nuisance. However, as with anything that’s not in full release, these controls may or may not make their way out to the general public.

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