August 5, 2022
Google Chrome omnibox suggested favicons

Google might Bring Suggested Favicons to the Chrome Omnibox Soon

Google Chrome omnibox suggested favicons might soon appear in the popular web browser, with a flag now available in the Canary channel…

Search giant Google continually looks for way to improve its products through a variety of ways. For instance, it’s currently working on Material Design update for Chrome (which has already appeared in Maps, Drive, Gmail, and YouTube). 

Google Chrome Omnibox Suggested Favicons Spotted in the Canary Channel

Now, it’s added a new flag to the Canary channel this week, which enables suggested favicons to display in the omnibox. (For those unfamiliar, the Google Chrome omnibox is the address bar in the browser. It does more than support URLs, it also works to quickly surface weather, supports mathematical functions, and a whole lot more.)

Google revealed last month it’s making changes to the look of the omnibox, including adding in some colorful attributes. Along with these is a new suggested favicons option, which currently resides in the Canary channel’s flags.

First spotted by Chrome Story, it’s very simple yet eye-catching feature. When users begin to type a web address, favicons will display alongside of the URL. Here are two comparative screenshots, taken by Chrome Story:

old Google Chrome omnibox
Credit: Chrome Story

As pictured above, there’s a generic page icon to the left of the URL. But, in the Canary channel, with the suggested favicon flag enabled, it looks like this:

new Google Chrome omnibox
Credit: Chrome Story

To enable the feature, Chrome users must first switch over to the Canary version. Then, enter the following flag, enable it, and relaunch the browser: chrome://flags/#omnibox-ui-show-suggestion-favicons

Keep in mind, the Canary channel is unstable, with experimental features, which may or may not work. Also, it might cause unforeseen problems with the browser itself.