September 16, 2022
Google Chrome password export tool

It will Soon be a Cinch to Export All Chrome Passwords with Just a Few Clicks

A handy Google Chrome password export tool is currently in the works, striving to make it easy to download all that secret info to a text file…

Google Chrome is already packed with a lot of neat features. For instance, version 64 introduced an automatic link shortener. The browser also blocks ads. It also contains a great sitewide audio muting feature. Now, it’s gaining another wonderful and long-awaited option: a password export manager.

Google Chrome Password Export Tool under Development

Although it’s been possible to download all passwords stored in Chrome, it’s not exactly an ideal task. It’s actually quite convoluted and painstaking. But, that’s all about to change.  Chrome evangelist Francois Beaufort took to Google+ to reveal the news:

Google Chrome password export tool announcement

“We’ll soon be able to export all our passwords saved in Chrome in a text (.csv) file so that you can import them easily in another password manager. If you don’t want to wait, switch to Dev Channel, search for ‘passwords’ in Chrome Settings, look for the 3-dot menu ‘Saved Passwords’ and click ‘Export passwords…'”

Although there isn’t a timeline given in the announcement, it’s possible to try it out, as the quote above explains. Once downloaded, the data can simply be transferred into another password manager.

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