July 3, 2022
Google Chrome Password Sharing Feature Under Development

It Certainly Looks like Google is About to Give Chrome Users the Ability to Share Passwords

Google Chrome may soon support sharing passwords inside the browser’s credential manager, giving people quick access to login information…

Google already has a rudimentary password manager inside Chrome. But, it’s fairly basic and certainly doesn’t sport a lot of frills (if any). However, it’s quite effective for the most fundamental purposes. And, it’s not unnecessarily complex like many other third-party password managers. Although, it lacks in various respects. Now, it appears the tech giant is about to make it more useful.

Google Chrome Password Sharing Feature Under Development

Spotted by Leopeva64 on Twitter, Chromium developers have been coding up a “send password” button within the overflow menu next to each password. It’s not working yet but once it goes live in beta testing, it will allow users to quickly share their login information with others, protected within the browser’s security.

It’s a great solution for more time-consuming and security-lacking alternatives. What’s more, it offers fast, on-demand access, without the need to switch over to another application. If it gains popularity, expect to see other browsers introduce a similar option.

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