October 3, 2022
Google Chrome phishing attack

Google Chrome Phishing Attack Flaw Patch Rolling Out

A Google Chrome phishing attack fix is coming to version 59, currently live in Canary advanced beta release, and soon to all Chrome browser users…

It’s well-known a strong password doesn’t always make internet users safe when online. With just the right specially crafted email, is all that’s needed for users to unwitting unlock their digital lives. Even though email client companies work hard to combat phishing, a decades-old unicode technique compromises security measures.

Google Chrome Phishing Attack Vulnerability Patch Coming Soon

Fortunately, some browsers are immune, such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Now, Google Chrome is only days away from fixing the somewhat obscure flaw.

With the help of something called Punycode, phishers can register bogus domains, which look identical to authentic websites. For instance, software engineer Xudong Zheng created a site appearing to point to “www.apple.com,” but it’s real domain is https://www.xn--80ak6aa92e.com.

The purpose of the xn prefix is to tell browsers the domain employs ASCII compatible encoding. The prefix allows individuals in countries using non-traditional alphabets to register domains with A through Z characters but the site renders in their local languages. For example, a “xn--s7y.co” web address appears with the following characters “短.co” in Chinese browsers.

On January 20th, the issue came to the attention of Mozilla and Google. A fix will accompany Chrome version 59 and it’s already available in the Canary advanced beta release. However, it’s expected the search giant will incorporate this to all future versions, making it available to all users. Mozilla, though, remains undecided if it will implement a dedicated patch, Engadget reports.

Google Chrome remains the most popular web browser, claiming 58.64 percent. It’s dominance is partly due to growing Microsoft browser desertion.

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