November 6, 2022
YouTube ad skip support

Google to Add a Skip Ad Option to its Chrome Picture-in-Picture Feature for YouTube Videos

YouTube skip ad support is coming to Google Chrome’s picture-in-picture feature, making multitasking more enjoyable for users….

In October of last year, Google debuted picture-in-picture support for its Chrome browser. This gave users the option to watch YouTube videos while browsing the web.

However, it didn’t contain a key component — ad skipping. Meaning when used, ads played unless the viewer went back to the main tab and manually skipped them. Now, a new commit shows this is likely changing.

Google Chrome Picture-in-Picture YouTube Skip Ad Support coming Soon

Chrome Story found a Gerrit source code management thread which foretells the real possibility of the option receiving a “Skip ad” button. If implemented, this would give developers the ability to add skippable media. 

Although, it’s meant for YouTube videos only at this time. Meaning, it would only initially work with YouTube media and not any other videos on the web — at least, in the beginning. However, it’s entirely possible the option would expand after it first rolls out. (But, it might serve as a disincentive and devs could opt to leave it out intentionally for the sake of ad earnings.)

Regardless, it’s an interesting and welcome change. There’s no current timetable for the feature to go live. Of course, there’s also no guarantee it will even make its way to wide release.

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