October 4, 2022
Google Chrome Heavy Ad Intervention ad-blocker

Google to soon Block Resource-Intensive Ads in its Chrome Browser

Google is working on a new built-in tool for Chrome which automatically blocks ads that drain significant system resources…

In Chrome Canary version 80 there’s an interesting flag. It targets unoptimized ads or those which drain system resources. Google calls it a “Heavy Ad Intervention,” that shuts down advertisements which require a lot of computing power.

The the search engine acknowledges this is a heavy-handed approach. But explains it’s necessary to maintain good user experience while browsing the web.

Google Chrome Resource-Intensive Ad Blocking Feature Spotted in Canary Version 80

Chrome already features a built-in ad blocker and Google policies against what it calls “intrusive interstitials.” (Those being formats like pop ups and other invasive types of ads which obscure page content.)

This approach would take its and blocking prowess further, disabling adverts which consume too many system resources.

Furthermore, Google offers user input in order to allow such ads to appear. For instance, on an explainer page, the search engine states it will only load ads users purposely interact with:

“A small fraction of ads on the web use an egregious amount of system resources. These poorly performant ads (whether intentional or not) harm the user’s browsing experience by making pages slow, draining device battery, and consuming mobile data (for those without unlimited plans). … The user agent will unload ads that use an egregious amount of network bandwidth or CPU usage. We define egregious as using more of a resource than 99.9% of ads as measured by the browser. Only ads that have not been interacted with by the user will be unloaded.”

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