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Google Chrome Secure by Default, Search Engine Explains

Google Chrome Secure by Default Search Engine Explains

Google Chrome secure by default measures help protect internet users from bad actors, providing warnings before directing to suspicious websites…

Google Chrome employs a number of security features to keep its internet browser users safe online. The company states it displays over 250 million monthly warnings to warn users away from dangerous sites. Additionally, the company has given over $3.5 million to the security research community to better user experience. Those entities help identify threats so the search giant can take action.

Google Chrome Secure by Default, Search Engine States

The company states it’s used Google Safe Browsing for over a decade to-date. These show warnings before users visit website which the browser considers dangerous or deceptive. With such measures in-place, it’s helped Chrome users to avoid phishing sites and malware.

Credit: Google

Google likewise states it works to ensure users connect to secure sites, doing so by displaying a green lock in the address bar, as pictured below:

Credit: Google

The “secure” lock, “…means that you can be confident that you’re sending any information directly to that site, and it can’t be snooped on or tampered with by anyone else—even a curious person who also happens to be on the free coffee shop Wi-Fi,” the company explains.

Google urges its Chrome users to install Google Smart Lock, a password manager. The company stresses strong passwords are among the best defenses for keeping private information secure.

Furthermore, the Chrome Team keeps its browser up-to-date to guard against threats. “Chrome automatically updates behind the scenes every six weeks to ensure that you always have the latest security features and fixes. And if we find an important security bug, we push out a fix within 24 hours—no update from you required.”

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