November 2, 2022
Google Chrome third-party cookie support to end in 2022

Google will End its Support of Third-Party Cookies through its Chrome Browser by 2022

Search giant Google plans to stop supporting third-party cookies on its popular Chrome browser, by 2022, giving users more privacy…

Google says it will no longer support third-party cookies on its Chrome browser within the next two years. It’s part of the company’s Privacy Sandbox project, which it first announced back in August of last year.

Google Chrome Third-Party Cookie Support to End in 2022

Google will stop supporting third-party cookies with Chrome but that won’t prohibit sites from tracking users. For instance, Director of Chrome engineering Justin Schuh, admitted the company can’t bring an end to third-party cookies on its own, writing, “We need the ecosystem to engage on these proposals.”

However, Google’s Privacy Sandbox project seeks to change how tracking works on the internet. It intends to allow advertisers to still display personalized ads but without consumers giving up too much of their personal data.

Google states it will begin testing by allowing select advertisers and publishers to enter an experimental trial run in order to gain feedback as it further develops the system.

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