November 5, 2022
Google Chrome to Label High Quality Websites with Fast Pages

Google Chrome will Start Applying Labels to Certain Websites (If they Meet these Two Criteria)

Google Chrome will soon start alerting people to the quality of a site and its page load speed with new labels…

Earlier this year, Google announced a new initiative it calls “Core Web Vitals.” Basically, these will serve as metrics for how to build and run websites. The factors will be used in organic ranking on the SERP or search engine results page. Chrome will display sites that measure up with certain labels, which include “Fast pages,” and other “high quality” badges to let people know how they perform.

Google Chrome to Label High Quality Websites with Fast Pages

Google states that it is doing this in order to bring a better user experience to the web. It makes sense because slow sites suffer from high bounce rates. And, even those which load quickly but have low-quality content or poor navigation are also problematic. Google understands this, so it’s implementing new metrics:

“Labeling is based on signals from the Core Web Vitals metrics that quantify key aspects of users’ experience, as experienced by real-world Chrome users. The Core Web Vitals metrics measure dimensions of web usability such as loading time, responsiveness, and the stability of content as it loads, and define thresholds for these metrics to set a bar for providing a good user experience.”

Chrome 85 beta will start out with Fast page labeling. Over time, Google plans to integrate additional markers: 

“‘Fast page'” labeling may badge a link as fast if the URL (or URLs like it) have been historically fast for other users. When labeling, historical data from a site’s URLs with similar structures are aggregated together. Historical data is evaluated on a host-by-host basis when the URL data is insufficient to assess speed or is unavailable, for example, when the URL is new or less popular.”

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