October 2, 2022
Google Chrome version 67

Google Chrome Version 67 Released for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Google Chrome version 67 rolls out to Windows, Mac, and Linux for the web, boasting AR/VR APIs, emoji shortcuts, and new favicons…

Google just released Chrome version 67 for Linux, Windows, and Mac. And, it’s packed with new developer features for apps and virtual reality. It also contains bug fixes and security patches.

Google Chrome 67 Released for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Google Chrome 67 starts testing the new WebXR Device API. That’s part of the search giant’s initiative to push web-based virtual reality across all platforms. These include, but are not necessarily limited to: mobile devices, portable VR systems, and desktop VR sets. With this, developers can now build new experiences, such as 360 degree video, 2- and 3-D video, data visualization, home shopping, art, as well as games.

The latest version of the browser also includes a new Generic Sensor API, which can access site accelerometer, gyroscope, orientation sensor, and motion sensor. It likewise contains the new emoji shortcut, available through the right-click menu, using the following flag: chrome://flags/#enable-emoji-context-menu.

Another small change with Chrome 67 is how it displays favicons for Mac. Rather than generic grey icons for Settings and Flags, this version uses blue. And, there is a beaker icon, instead of a radioactive sign. Plus, the navigation drawer in settings contains a new shortcut to open Extensions.

Chrome 67 is now out for desktops, with Android and Chrome to shortly follow.