September 16, 2022
Google Chrome version 69

The Latest Version of Google Chrome is Here and It Brings These Big Time Changes

Google Chrome version 69 remakes its browser experience with a change to the omnibox, quick answers, depreciation of Flash, rounded tabs, and more…

Google Chrome’s newest iteration comes with some big changes. Currently rolling out to Windows, Mac, and Linux, the desktop interface mostly reimagines the top portion. It’s also moving toward the total depreciation of Flash, pushing harder on HTTPs, and more.

Google Chrome Version 69 for Windows, Mac, Linux Rolls Out with Material Design and More

Google Chrome version 69 primarily redoes the top part of the portal. It sports a brighter background and features rounded tabs. It marks quite a departure from the old trapezoid look, giving it more of a fluid facade. The address bar is pill-shaped and the omnibar dropdown now displays URLs and search suggestions which only take up the width of the bar, instead of the entire page.

With Google Chrome version 69, users can also customize the New Tab page by uploading a background image. Furthermore, the Omnibox now shows in-line results, rather than opening a new page. It works for certain queries, such as weather, definitions, sports scores, translations, and answers to questions. Here’s what it looks like, in-action:


What’s more, the continued push toward encryption adoption no longer displays the “Secure” label. Instead, a lock symbol appears to the left of the URL:


There’s also more. Chrome 69 supports a Picture-in-Picture API, which is enabled by default. Additionally, it includes the Web Authentication API. Which supports CTAP2 FIDO devices. Plus, for the Windows version, the browser blocks third-party apps from injecting code.

It’s currently on its way out to desktops, with Android and Chrome OS to soon follow.

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