September 23, 2021
Google Chrome Version 81 includes Expanded Web AR and NFC Support

The Next Chrome Browser Release will Expand Web AR and NFC Capabilities to More People

When Google rolls out the next iteration of its Chrome browser, it will bring web AR and NFC technologies to a larger number of users…

Tech colossus Google is ready to bring more cool web features to more people. The internet juggernaut has released Chrome beta 81 for Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows. And, it includes WebXR support for what’s known as browser-based augmented reality and more, like NFC.

Google Chrome Version 81 includes Expanded Web AR and NFC Support

In the beta version of Google Chrome 81, the underlying framework will require enabling certain flags to make AR available.

The tech also makes it possible to offer a new Web NFC platform that allows mobile devices to interact with tappable objects. For instance, it could work in a museum where visitors can learn more about a particular piece.

Both technologies give users more ability to tap into the power of the web. Although these are emerging technologies, each has huge potential to work with more and more applications, both on the web and in real life.

Chrome version 81 will also tighten its security protocols by removing outdated code. This means that sites still relying on said outdated tech will be labeled as unsecure when people land on them.

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