June 17, 2021
Google Chrome video ad blocker

Google will Soon Block those Super Annoying Video Ads through its Chrome Browser Ad Blocker

Google is about to stop a good amount of those disruptive and irritating video ads through its Chrome browser’s ad blocking technology…

Ads are just part of the internet experience. And, most companies attempt to strike a reasonable balance in order to deliver a good experience to visitors.

However, not all are the same and that’s why Google introduced an ad blocker for its Chrome browser in 2018.  Now, the tech giant will expand the ad blocker’s abilities to include videos, as well.

Google Chrome Video Ad Blocker Abilities Enhanced

The new Google Chrome video ad blocker tech is meant to deliver a more enjoyable experience for the end user. Jason James of Google wrote in a post on the Chromium Blog:

“…the group responsible for developing the Better Ads Standards, the Coalition for Better Ads, announced a new set of standards for ads that show during video content, based on research from 45,000 consumers worldwide.”

There are three ad experiences to which Google will apply its ad blocker. This is for videos that are less than 8 minutes in length. Here are the three reasons Google Chrome will block video ads:

  • Non-skippable, pre-roll ads or groups of ads lasting longer than 31 second appearing before a video that aren’t skippable in the first 5 seconds.
  • Mid-roll ads of any length that appear in the middle of a video, which interrupt user experience.
  • Image or text ads that appear over of a video in-progress that appear in the middle third of the video player window or cover over 20 percent of the video content.

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